Our History

Sophie has been serving Houston from the mid 70's and it all started in her garage.  It is an amazing story of a young immigrant girl who came to the states in pursuit of a better life.  It all began back in a small village in Greece when she showed an interest in sewing and spent every moment she could leaning from the town seamstress.    Once she found her way to the states through Ellis Island the summer of 1956.  She used her trade to help her survive in this new country with a different culture and language.  Remarkably, she was resilient and ambitious for a young woman and she not only survived, she thrived.

Sophie worked tailoring part time and working  in a factory.   She later married, moved to Houston, and began working out of her house for designers, creating window treatments and bedding.  As she built her home business, Sophie realized the value of her skill and so In the early 80's she decided to take the  American dream one step further and opened up her own shop.   And so the story goes on for 30+ years.

Today, Sophie shares this business with her daughter Theano, who has grown up in this business and has always loved creating beautiful spaces.  With Sophie's skills and Theano's business savvy, Sophie's Upholstery and Drapery has grown and become a successful business.  Theano shares her mother's values in quality and service  and is very proud of the business that they have together. Today, Sophie is still an integral part of the business.  She not only continues to sew, but still over sees each and every job to her satisfaction.

Sophie's has built up a great reputation of superior workmanship, service and pride in every job delivered.    Clients have valued the level of skill and integrity offered by this business and the evidence of satisfaction is in the rate that her clients return and recommend her business…And for this Sophie's is very grateful.